SAC (Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation)

Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden (in Swedish: Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation) is an anarcho-syndicalist trade union federation in Sweden.

Unlike other Swedish unions, SAC organizes people from all occupations, including the unemployed, students, and the retired.[1]

SAC also publishes the weekly newspaper Arbetaren (“the Worker”), owns the publishing house Federativs and runs the unemployment fund Sveriges Arbetares Arbetslöshetskassa (SAAK).

Its long-term goal is to realize libertarian socialism, a society without classes and hierarchies, where the means of production are owned commonly and administrated by the workers: in effect, abolition of capitalism, wage slavery, and sexism.

SAC has thus decided to declare itself to be anti-sexist, anti-militarist, and, as the first trade union in Sweden, feminist (1998).

Short-term goals are improved salaries and working environments. It frequently cooperates with other libertarian socialist organizations, such as the Swedish Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation (SUF), although SUF is not a part of SAC.

SAC was formed in 1910 by former members of the mainstream trade union movement LO who were influenced by the revolutionary syndicalism of the French Confédération Générale du Travail.

It was also a founding member of the anarcho-syndicalist International Workers Association, but came into conflict with the IWA in the 1950s when SAC entered into a state-supported unemployment fund, which the IWA regarded as state collaboration and reformist.

In 1956, the SAC withdrew from the IWA.